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Kuai Hong technical Co. Ltd founded in 1997, is specialized in the field of tooling manufacturing and injection production with its original base in Shenzhen city, China. Our expertise covers all facets on developing and manufacturing the injection molds and plastic parts.

Our factory cover 12,000 square meters, including an engineering department and manufacturing plant with over 260 staff members. Our engineers are all of great responsibilities with advanced technique in mold design. In addition, we have a variety of high hi-tech precision mold tooling machines and all the workers are specially trained with good skills in mold tooling. Based on these we have the capabilities to provide molds of superior quality for our customers with short lead time. Currently our monthly output of mold products is approximately 40 sets which will increase with the rapid growth of our company.

KH Mold provides the one-stop solution of plastic mold and injection production for customers from product design,mold manufacture, injection molding, secondary tooling and assembly.

We have rich experiences in developing a wide variety of injection molds, such as auto molds, home appliance molds, medical appliance molds, mobile & telephone molds, gas assisted molds, double colored molds etc. We also provide plastic products of various materials for customers, such as ABS,PC,PP,PS,HIPS,PVC,SAN,PE,LDPE,HDPE,PMMA,POM, PET,PBT,PPO,PA,EVA etc.

As seeking for high quality and innovation enterprise, Kh Mold improves continuously on quality, technology, environment, human Resources, information technology management system. At the same time, which supply excellent OEM services to clients and help global business partners to success. we have been awarded ISO9001:2000 certifications. Our targets is to be a World Class Manufacturer providing total plastics solutions from product design to delivery finally. The basic of our success is to make customers achieve their objectives: joy, comfort and safety of life.

The founder of Kuaihong,Mr.yade Qiu build KUAIHONG (KH Mold) company in1997;

In 2003, KH Mold expanded to be a well-known tooling manufacuturing company in South of China.

Develop milestone:

◆Updating manufacturing machine with some advance technecal and import machine from Japan, USA,Switzerland.

◆ The majority of customer support, after 16 years of development, the company expanded several times plant, and developed into a much appreciated OEM suppliers.And its manufacturing process and superior product quality by many large multinational recognition and appreciation.

◆Adopt ERP management system.
◆In 2006 through the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification,

◆Through the efforts of the whole factory employees, the company adopted in 1999 Passed ISO9002 Quality System Certification

◆ 3D CAD / CAM。
◆ 3D CAD/CAM Introduction.

◆Kuaihong Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, set up factories in mainland China. Their professional engaged in mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding and plastic coating.

Our business:
KH Mold dedicated in providing solutions for large∕medium molds,precision molds, Multi-Shot Mold,plastic Injection Molding,surface treatment and assembly.

At present, our excellent performance in automobile,medical instrument, Household appliances, office equipment, electronic appliances, communication products, iinstrument/meter, industrial products, commodity, building materials, products and components.

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