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   About Us
   Service Tenet
Our mission is to provide customers with: -

Excellent → Quality;
On Time → Delivery;
Good → Service;
Reasonable → Cost.
Company Belief
Honesty, Integrity & Hard Work Towards Defined Goal Leads To Long Term Business Relationship and Customer Satisfaction

Company Values
Quality is the first, run permanently, create profits, share customers.

Company Spirit
Face Product and Market Challenges in the Future with our Customers as Long Term Partners.

Company Customer

KH mold has exported 60% of molds to America, Europe and Middle East, and has won the trust and support from worldwide customers.

Company for the production of automobiles, home appliances, electronics, daily necessities mold, can produce Max. 15 tons of mold, two-color molds and stack mold and other special structure mould also has a very rich experience.

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