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Automotive mould & plastic part:
Automotive components Division: As a leading designer and manufacturer of injection molds, KUAIHONG has developed sophisticated equipment for the Automotive Underhood & Interior Display Industries. We specialize in developing our customers' designs from concept through to mass production.

KUAIHONG'S Provide world-clss interiors and exteriors parts fully compliance with TS16949 and auto-makers specific requirements ,The prts include Hard Trim,Ip Trim.Planel, lamp,Piller,Outlet,Console,Handle and other exterior parts.From desing to Delivery,all toolsw and parts projects follow APQP.

We provide a total solution from Research & Development, Design, Mold building, Injection and insert molding, finishing, assembly and JIT delivery. Our development is concentrated on precision plastic vehicle parts and assemblies utilized in the Automotive OEM industry in the United States, Asia and Europe. Our tier one and tier two customer/supplier relationships include Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Volvo, Siemens Automotive and Chrysler.
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Automotive mould & plastic part
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