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Healthcare Applications Division:
Focus on medical equipment, Cosmetic & Personal Care, packing bottle Cap cosmetics such product structure, mould design and manufacture products and molding the second processing service:
1.Medical products, medical instruments covering parts of medical polymer materials and products, medical imaging equipment parts, rehabilitation therapy equipment parts; etc.
2.Cosmetic & Personal Care products includes: Make up Packaging, Eyeliner Packaging, Nail Polish Closures, Lipstick Packaging, Mascara Packaging, perfume package, massage, ultrasound, such as weight,
3.Caps & Closures includes: Tamper Evident Closures, Unscrewing Closures, Collapsible Core Closures, Multi Material Closures, Bump Off Closures, Multi Material Closures, Flip Top Closures…Jars & Lids, Prescription Vials, Twist Off Closures, Snap Top Closures, Child Resistant Closures, Contraception Devices… etc.
4.Consumer Products includes: Containers, Bowls and Cups, Appliances, Housing, Cartridges… etc.
we have the capacity to make any parts. From design to delivery and comprehensive application of information management system and quality assurance system and Health products industry for decades of experience. KUAIHONG amounted to offer from product design, manufacturing, process design and manufacturing services of OEM/ODM overall solutions.
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Healthcare Applications mould
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