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Our mission is to provide customers with: -

Excellent → Quality;
On Time → Delivery;
Good → Service;
Reasonable → Cost.
 Injection Molding

We are a global custom injection molder of thermoplastic resins with mold design and mold building.

We offer a wide range of process capabilities including mold making, Large-scale injection molding, conventional precision molding, insert molding, two shot molding, micro molding, thin-wall molding, precision gearing and clean-room molding.

By standardizing equipment, layout, manufacturing and quality systems at all of our facilities, KH Mold offers our customers unsurpassed process consistency and cost-efficiency.

All KH Mold's facilities are environmentally controlled, highly standardized and designed to operate interchangeably.

We can offer a variety of materials and finishes, to suit your project needs of fit, appearance and basic function of your product, that is PVC PC PBT POM PU ABS PC+ABS PA66 PA66+30%G TPE etc.

From the beginning to the end, we ensure thorough quality control for all molding parts and on time delivery to exceed our customer's expectations.


Efficient equipment and technology:
> Advanced Molding Technology
> Automated Insert Molding 
> Rotating Device Molding
> Robot-aided manufacturing
> Cavity Pressure Molding 
> Class 100,000 Cleanroom Molding
> Multi-Shot Molding
> Thin Wall Molding
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