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 Quality Guarantee > Mold Quality Guarantee
Mold Quality Control is very important to each Mould project. Our production process and management system are strictly carried out according to ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949.
During machining and assembly, our strong Q.C team will check all components with accurate measuring & testing equipments.
Main QC Procedure:

1. Steel Hardness Inspection
2. Mould Steel Dimension Inspection
3. Mould Electrodes Inspection
4. Mould Parts Dimension Inspection
5. Mould Pre-Assembly Inspection
6. Mould Trial Report and Samples Inspection
7. Final Inspection before Shipment
All inspection will be done before delivery.
· We keep and improve the effectiveness of our mould quality and management level continually.
· Periodic review of current quality policy and objectives can ensure its effectiveness and suitability.
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