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we have refined our Quality Control to satisfy the ISO-9001:2000 International Standard. To insure product quality we use state-of-the-art computer controlled non-contact measurement equipment in parallel with Statistic Process Control (SPC).
We utilize SPC quality control throughout the production process to monitor part dimensions and molding conditions. SPC quality control enables our Quality Control Team to monitor part dimensions and molding conditions throughout the production process.
Upon request our customers can receive preliminary samples and extensive inspection report prior to production on all new projects.

1. As part of the SOP, we have audit data so, in the unlikely event there is a problem, we can find the source and accurately correct.
2. We extensively researched many name brand presses and chose our latest generation presses based on ability to replicate the part perfectly every time. You won’t find Chinese presses in our plant. They just don’t build to the exactly spec’s we demand for our Canadian & American customers.
3. We use the extensive technology parameters of our “state of the art” presses to monitor our molding process continually to ensure perfection.
4. We conduct random spot checks on molded product at various stages of assembly to further eliminate the possibility of problems.
5. If, in the unlikely event a part is delivered to our customer that isn’t 100% within spec, we will replace immediately with no questions asked.
6. Remote web monitoring while running lights out. Numerous threshold alarms to notify the team if a problem arises while our manufacturing process is running “lite’s out”
7. A world class tool shop adjacent to the molding facility to keep your mold in perfect shape. You’re always at the front of the line as a molding customer.
8. Molding team is on a bonus system based on perfection of product and delivery.
9. We have never missed a ship date to a customer.

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