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Our mission is to provide customers with: -

Excellent → Quality;
On Time → Delivery;
Good → Service;
Reasonable → Cost.
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Our operations staff standards require the company to maintain a high level of ethical standards of conduct. Criteria include integrity of the Declaration, the basic principles of operation and related responsibilities. Ethical culture of our company and give full play to play create a modern corporate citizenship values, strict observance of ethical corporate citizen, faithfully follow the law of the State company.
We have endeavored to provide employees with a comfortable office environment. We are responsible for employee relations department would regularly monitor employee work environment, such as the Organization of the Environmental Investigation and customer satisfaction surveys, including the workplace, environmental monitoring mechanism, an annual physical examination.
In addition to internal inspections, have also introduced an external authority (such as DNV) carry out inspections to ensure that staff provide a better working environment. The company's efforts in this regard has been received the relevant authorization. So far, has passed the international OHSAS 18001:1999 and ISO14001: 2004 certification.
In order to fight the company created a learning organization, the company made all efforts, the company's employees and customers with a number of training courses, including new staff cultural training, induction training, and customer-specific training.
In order to help new employees adapt to corporate culture, fast-hung on the training of new employees covered by the corporate culture, product knowledge, marketing skills, as well as various aspects of product development standards. For different jobs and the nature of work, training time from one month to six months.
The company also has a good job training program, which includes management and technical aspects. Different professional qualifications, grade, and staff training program will be different categories for each employee's career development to provide effective help. 

Tutor System
The company has established an effective mentor system to help new employees adapt to the company as soon as possible. Department heads for each new employee assigned to a senior staff for their mentor, their FAQ, and other aspects of working life in the help and guidance, including the company's introduction to the surrounding living environment, and to help them overcome just took over the work of difficulties that may arise.  
In the new employees to become full-time staff of three months, the teacher should be responsible for the performance of new employees, new employees will also affect the performance of the mentor's own job performance.  
In addition to carrying out for the new employees a mentor system, in each sector, we are equipped with an experienced team of professors and experts, to provide staff with consultant support; team members are mostly from various famous universities, professors, and some R & D Center Retirement senior experts. They will employee at work or in life when you encounter problems, use their rich work and life experience, to the staff to make effective recommendations, and for further advice.
The company's qualifications bi-directional channel for promotion, and job demands combined so that management and staff of the successful management of potential growth for managers, but also to devote ourselves to research technologies, technical expertise of staff through their own efforts for a smooth growth professional / business experts in the field of career growth for the staff has provided a broad space.

In the company, we not only comply with local laws minimum wage standards, but also introduced a very competitive salary system. To enable companies in an invincible position in market competition, corporate human resources consultancy firm with the well-known long-term cooperation on a regular basis wage data survey, the survey results and performance of the company staff remuneration is adjusted accordingly.  

Bonus Program
Employee bonus plan and employee performance are closely linked. Staff bonuses paid quarterly according to the work of individual staff responsibilities, job performance and the major to complete the project circumstances of the case, but also take into account the overall remuneration package situation. Of the pay policy, we pay plans are reviewed annually and revised to ensure that the program will compete in the market and cost balance.  

The company established a set of all employees for social security and welfare system, this mechanism is higher than the local policy requirements, but also includes the compulsory social insurance and additional benefits.
We know the importance of physical and mental health staff, so spare the lives of employees also given high importance. Established a variety of clubs, aimed at enriching the life of employees, improve employee quality of life. Club responsible for the organization, including picnics, parties, sports, photography and singing competitions, including the range of activities.
Staff Club, built a staff for internal and external communication networks, to provide staff with a variety of content information, including health, life, transportation, children, education, tourism and dance training. Club to encourage staff back to society.
Company to local staff to open management positions, so that the company in the formation of a diverse management team, organizing various activities to implement cross-cultural understanding, to improve team cohesion.   

The company's equal opportunities policy is reflected in our recruitment work. Recruit staff quickly hung provides that there should be race, sex, region, nationality, age, pregnancy or disability discrimination. At the same time, we have also established anti-discrimination policies, and comply with local labor law requirements.   

We are physically handicapped employees to provide the necessary amenities, such as specialized aisle and toilet.
Between the company and employees have a smooth communication channels.   
To enable employees to their immediate supervisor to submit their views and suggestions, you can follow the company's open-door policy, to an even higher level of leadership to put forward their questions.   
Company's communication channels including but not limited to the following:
CEO E-mail
Open Day
Staff Relations
Division of experts
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