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  KUAIHONG owned the world leading software to analyse ,design and manufacture molds and products. It is the professional manufacturing bases for mold development,design,manufacturing,
injection, surface treatment and assembly. More production facility in shenzhen,China, Engaged in the manufacture of molds up to product length 2 meter and up to weight 20 tons From 28-2000 tons of more than 100 injection molding machine, employees more than 8,00 people. KUAIHONG is equipped with more than 100 sets High-speed CNCs,EDMs, Wire Cuttings and other professional equipments imported from Germany,Japan and Taiwan. We also have professional CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM engineering system besides professional equipments.

Mainly by the Marketing Department, the project department, technology center and the manufacturing department, quality department, molding department, etc. In the decades of mould design and manufacture history, each department for this particular customers for the manufacturing industry solution and project management.

Specialized is engaged in the design and manufacture of plastic molding solution of large and medium-sized dies, precision mould plastic mold and die, double-color mechanism parts manufacturing, surface treatment and assembling, etc.

At present, KUAIHONG’s excellent performance in automobile,medical instrument, Household appliances, office equipment, electronic appliances, communication products, iinstrument/meter, industrial products, commodity, building materials, products and components. Therir speciality service in manufacturing high precision , high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and Low-Power can’t be matched in coterie. Nowadays, at KUAIHONG,60% of our molds was exported, and we had established long-term friendly cooperation relationship with many famous companies USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, India, Russia,Egypt,Thailand and etc.
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Our commitment to long-term relationships with the world's leading companies has been the foundation of our success
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