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Business Scope
Dedicated in providing solutions for large∕medium molds,precision molds, Multi-Shot Mold,plastic Injection Molding,surface treatment and assembly. At present, Kuaihong’s excellent performance in automobile,medical instrument, Household appliances, office equipment, electronic appliances, communication products, iinstrument/meter, industrial products, commodity, building materials, products and components.    ----Find out more
About Us
KUAIHONG is a high-tech industry entity with research and development, production and sales of integration, located in Shenzhen city, China, specialize in design of mold and manufacturing. Through over twenty years of steady growth. Today ,KUAIHONG has become a professional precision plastic full-solution provider

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Project Management
Product Design
Tooling Design

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Equipment list & picture
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Quality Assur ance
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KUAIHONG owned the world leading software to analyse ,design and manufacture molds and products. It is the professional manufacturing bases for mold development, design,manufacturing,injection, surface treatment and assembly.

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