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Our mission is to provide customers with: -

Excellent → Quality;
On Time → Delivery;
Good → Service;
Reasonable → Cost.
 Secondary Operations
From concept to the finished product, we can customize work cells to fit your requirements. This capability, coupled with our engineering services and manufacturing capabilities, provide our customers a complete service option for their most challenging projects. Our services include but are
Not limited to ::
·General Assembly
·Sonic Welding and Insertion
·Heat Staking
·Solvent Bonding
·Secondary Machining
·Multicolor silk screening
·Bonding and gluing
·Mechanical operation
·Direct shipments
·Assembly and packaging
·Hot Stamping
·Outsourced Painting, Plating
·Custom Packaging
·JIT Logistics "Dock-To-Stock"
·Ultrasonic welding and inserting
·Shielding(EMI and ESD)
·Turnkey integration and subcontracting
·Multi color pad printing
A successful plastics company must have a clean well-organized facility and above all a team of experienced employees dedicated to operate at world-class target levels. We are dedicated to providing nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

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