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While we consider our biggest asset in design to be the experience and talent of our engineers, we also like to make sure they have the aid of the latest technology at their disposal.
Moldflow Plastics Advisers? can be utilized to pinpoint ideal gate locations or diagnose difficult-to-fill areas even before the prototyping and testing processes.
Our designers can communicate all potential issues directly with the customers through detailed reports, conference calls, and interactive web conferencing sessions.
Functional plastic prototype parts can be produced overnight through the 3D printing process.

Moldflow Plastics Advisers
Web Conferencing
3D Printing
MPA is processing-simulation software that allows part and mold designers to optimize their designs at the initial stages of development. Potential areas for concern like wall thickness, gate location, fill and cycle time, temperature, and consistency can be simulated in the early stages of design before wasting time and resources on actual results.
Our web conferencing sessions work similarly to a WebEx conference or Microsoft Live meeting. The idea being that our engineers can share live 3D data with you while discussing any critical points or details of your project. This saves time and helps the customer gain a more complete understanding of the tooling and molding processes. Unlike the more mainstream alternatives, our system does not have the hassle of any client side program installations. All the customer needs is a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.), a phone, and a capable Internet connection.
3D printers are capable of making functional plastic prototypes directly from a 3D model. Much like the name implies, they accomplish this in a similar fashion to traditional ink printers. Instead of using ink, a 3D printer will stack hundreds of thin layers of melted plastic on top of each other through precise print heads. The prototype parts can often be created in less than 24 hours and can demonstrate basic functionality and testing depending on the application. KUAIHONG is currently in the process of adding this exciting technology to our design department.

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